Branches Never Remember

by Adrian Lane



CD version available from Preserved Sound

A rough translation from Italian of the 'Music Won't Save You' review........
In his third album, Adrian Lane continues the intriguing sound path whose stages have been represented by minimalism piano debut "Lights Are Very Deceptive At Night" (2013) and in the arcane meditations on obsolete string instruments (especially the Psalteries) "The Answering Smile" (2014).
Disc after disc, the English composer expands the range of its sound research, that in "Branches Never Remember" is precisely the conclusion of an ideal trilogy, a provisional landing the context of tools and languages ancient with modern compositional techniques, they do however include a very limited use of electronics. In the fourteen songs that make up the work are found in fact in full the talents of multi-instrumentalist Adrian Lane, again applied primarily to the dulcimer, which is high baritone, played with a bow, but fell in a continuous dialogue with the piano, glockenspiel, guitar acoustic, violin and more.
The result is a world of sound ever so organic watermarks harmonics, which intersect and overlap with delicacy, as successive strokes that shape vivid images; moreover, Lane is also a visual artist, so the layering of sounds imposed by its size alone does not differ, in the last instance, the painting technique. Along the fifty minutes of "Branches Never Remember" is in fact possible to grasp a plurality of layers, which amplifies the same juxtaposition of modern compositions, without thereby disperse the organic immediacy.
A little like Colleen in the recent "Captain Of None", Lane aims to achieve a feeling "electronics" using only acoustic instruments; instruments that interact at a distance, recombining and merging into instantaneous sound suspended between past and present, between sketches and medieval ideas of neoclassical minimalism, between iterations ritualistic and oblique hints of a chamber-folk.
The renewed role of the piano, whose dialogue with the strings occurs in at least half of the tracks from "Branches Never Remember", adds to the compositions and harmonious breath a melancholy chamber size, in the balance between contemplation and cinematic bucolic settings . It would seem that in this way Adrian Lane was able to successfully draw the synthesis of the two previous works, combining research and emotion in an acoustical alive, fragile, evocative and ever changing, like a work of art that is observed forming.


released March 13, 2016

All tracks composed, and produced by Adrian Lane.
Adrian Lane: Alto and Baritone Bowed Psaltery, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Piano, Banjo, Zither, Glockenspiel, Jangu, Laptop
Wil Procter: Frame Drums



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Adrian Lane UK

Visual artist, and musician. Adrian Lane creates instrumental neo-classical, ambient music and abstract textural mixed media paintings, many of his paintings can be found on the cover of his albums.

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